Toussaint Louverture Le procès de la traite des Noirs

Written at a time when discrimination and racism are the most serious scourge that modern society faces, the book Toussaint Louverture: Le procès de la traite des Noirs, comes at the right time to wake up the global conscience about the wrongs of slavery and the need to fight this evil that threatens to appear in its hideous form.

By placing Toussaint Louverture, who initiated the Haitian revolution 1804, as the main hero of this historical novel, the author wears a powerful message in which he asserts that the will to restore dignity must become a human passion. An obligation of world leaders to refocus on the fundamental priorities, namely: education, housing, work, safety, sanitary and food give hope of living to the weak in underdeveloped countries, and same time to eradicate misery on our planet.

Voir Jean Sénat Fleury